NMP Transfer and Applicability FAQ

Questions about transfer, articulation, and applicability are among the most common that we receive about the New Mathways Project.

In this periodic update, we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions and share our plans for ongoing work. We seek to improve the accuracy of relevant information, build support for multiple pathways at two- and four-year institutions, and increase consistency in the applicability of mathematics courses to majors at institutions across the state.

To this end, we gather data, develop clarifying resources and reference materials, conduct outreach, and engage in system-level work to further enable the scaling up of alternative mathematics pathways. Details of this work are described below.

Information in this update pertains particularly to the first two pathways under development, statistics and quantitative reasoning. We will update this document to reflect the STEM Prep pathway when we begin development.

The information in this FAQ applies specifically to Texas, though we believe the issues in other states will be similar. Many of the strategies we use will be applicable as we expand our work outside of Texas.


Will the college-level NMP courses transfer?

Does the developmental-level NMP math course fit into the ACGM?

How applicable are the NMP courses to particular majors? Is it safe to advise transfer students into the statistics and quantitative reasoning pathways when the default gateway course recommendation has been college algebra?

For answers to these questions, please download the full Transfer and Applicability FAQ [pdf, 250KB]

How are you working with four-year institutions to improve applicability?

What if my transfer partner requires college algebra as a prerequisite for statistics?

How does the design of the NMP address concerns about placing students into the correct pathway?

Our students are likely to change majors. What happens if they take the statistics or quantitative reasoning pathway and later decide to pursue a STEM major?

When are NMP students TSI (Texas Success Initiative) complete?

Can four-year institutions implement the NMP?

How can I learn more about transfer and applicability issues related to the NMP?