New Mathways Project: Annotated Bibliographies

These bibliographies, written for practitioners, summarize some of the research that influences the design and implementation of the New Mathways Project, and in particular the

Annotated Bibliography: Four Guiding Principles of the New Mathways Project  [pdf, 840kb]

  1. Multiple pathways with relevant and challenging mathematics content aligned to specific fields of study
  2. Acceleration that allows students to complete a college-level math course more quickly than in the traditional developmental math sequence
  3. Intentional use of strategies to help students develop as learners
  4. Curriculum design and pedagogy should be based on proven practice

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Annotated Bibliography: Eight Curriculum Design Standards for NMP mathematics curriculum  [pdf, 762kb]

  1. Structure and organization of curricular materials
  2. Active learning
  3. Constructive perseverance
  4. Problem solving
  5. Context and interdisciplinary connections
  6. Use of terminology
  7. Reading and writing
  8. Technology

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Annotated Bibliography: Four Pillars of the Frameworks for Mathematics and Collegiate Learning Course  [pdf, 1.4mb]

  1. Building community and connecting to campus resources
  2. Developing and maintaining motivation for college success
  3. Developing and using study strategies and skills
  4. Finding your direction in college

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