New Mathways Project Evaluation and Research

NMP_research_photoThe primary goals of the NMP’s research and evaluation work are to 1) document an evidentiary base for the program, 2) describe the NMP’s functioning and outcomes, and 3) provide information to the NMP developers for program improvement.

In addition, the Dana Center is collaborating with MDRC, an education and social policy research organization, to evaluate the implementation of the project.

The NMP’s approach to improving student success and completion is grounded in research-based principles.

Findings from the First-Year Rollout of the New Mathways Project

Read the new MDRC report that analyzes how the NMP is laying the groundwork for implementation of multiple pathways in Texas.

Research Supporting the NMP Model

To learn about the research, philosophy, and current trends supporting the New Mathways Project model, please visit the NMP annotated bibliography page.