Dana Center Mathematics Pathways

Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (DCMP) ensures that all students in our nation have equitable access to, and the opportunity for success in, rigorous mathematics pathways that are aligned and relevant to their future aspirations, propelling them to upward economic and social mobility. The DCMP takes the foundational work of the New Mathways Project (NMP) to expand its scope.

We seek to ensure that ALL students in higher education will be:

  • Prepared to use mathematical and quantitative reasoning skills in their careers and personal lives
  • Enabled to make timely progress towards completion of a certificate or degree
  • Empowered as mathematical learners.

Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (DCMP) Model

All students benefit from well-designed math pathways that are aligned to their programs of study regardless of their placement level or type of institution of higher education.

DCMP Resources