Dana Center Mathematics Pathways Facilitator FAQ

DCMP Facilitator FAQ

Come work as a DCMP facilitator!

We are building a cadre of facilitators who can deliver high-quality professional learning experiences that support mathematics pathways. While the 2017-2018 application period has ended, please feel free to contact us for information about future opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Application Process
Delivering Professional Learning Sessions

Application Process

When I submit my application form, am I automatically accepted to become a DCMP facilitator?

No, application submission does not mean automatic acceptance. We are looking to form a cadre of facilitators with diverse backgrounds and expertise that are aligned to a variety of professional learning events and activities for the upcoming year. We will notify you of your application status by the end of August.

If I have previously worked with the Dana Center as a facilitator, fellow, or curriculum writer, do I need to fill out this application? Would I still have to take the training?

Yes! If you are interested in continuing to work with us, filling out the application is the best way to let us know. If selected, you will still be required to participate in our training activities in the 2017–2018 academic year.

When will I know if my application has been accepted?

We will review applications after the August 15 deadline. By August 22, applicants will receive email notification of next steps.

Whom do I contact if I have questions or need more information?

Email Nancy Stano, who leads our professional learning work.


What are the dates and locations of the required training?

All facilitators are required to participate in two phases of training this fall.

Foundational Learning – a series of 3 one-hour, interactive, collaborative webinars
You can participate in these online sessions from the comfort of your office or your home. These webinars are tentatively scheduled for three consecutive Fridays: September 1, September 8, and September 15.

Face-to-Face Learning – a 2-day workshop (September 22–23) in Austin, Texas.
Although the final agenda is not yet available, we expect to begin at 8:00 am on 9/22 and conclude at 4:00 pm on 9/23. Facilitators flying out of Austin Bergstrom International Airport should not book their return flights before 6:00 pm on 9/23.

Depending on the professional learning activities you are preparing to deliver, additional training activities may be required. More information about the structure, duration, and compensation for those additional training opportunities will be available soon.

I may have to miss one or more of the training events. What should I do?

We may be able to accommodate your absence at one of the training events, so don’t let a small schedule conflict prevent you from filling out the application form. Go ahead and complete the application and contact Nancy Stano directly to let her know about your possible absence.

How much time will the required training take up?

Most of the required training will take place in September 2017. All facilitators—regardless of prior work with the Dana Center—are required to participate in interactive webinars and other preparation for the face-to-face workshop and the 2-day workshop itself. Preparation will require about 8 hours. This includes participating in the 3 one-hour, interactive webinars and 5 hours for other preparation assignments. The 2-day workshop will entail two full days of work plus any travel time.

Depending on the professional learning activities you are preparing to deliver, additional training activities may be required. More information about the structure, duration, and compensation for those additional training opportunities will be available in the near future.

Will I be compensated for the training activities?

Yes! The Dana Center will compensate you for your participation in the two-phase training activities and any additional training required for your particular professional learning session(s). We will also reimburse you for travel expenses incurred as part of the training activities, including the 2-day workshop in Austin, in accordance with the relevant University of Texas at Austin policies.

Delivering Professional Learning Sessions

If I participate in the training, am I guaranteed to be deployed in the field for professional learning sessions?

Our aim will be to maximize your availability and expertise as a DCMP facilitator—we do not want to have trained facilitators gathering dust on the shelf! Scheduling depends in part on incoming requests for DCMP services, whether you are trained to deliver the professional learning that aligns to those requests, and your availability. The greater your availability and willingness to travel, the more likely it is that we will be able to schedule your session(s). We are carefully monitoring the number of facilitators we train to ensure the best use of all of our resources.

Will I be delivering professional learning sessions on my own or will Dana Center staff be there to support me?

The Dana Center has designed the training opportunities so that you will feel confident and prepared to deliver your professional learning session. Dana Center staff will support you in the logistics of the activities as well, including ensuring that you have the necessary background information and materials. Our professional learning team will always be available to support you!

Depending on the request and planned session, you may be delivering the professional learning on your own. For example, a one-day curriculum workshop for a small group of faculty may be the perfect scenario to have you serve as the sole facilitator. In other cases, Dana Center staff or other facilitators will be co-facilitating a session with you. We will make sure to clearly outline your responsibilities ahead of time and your compensation will be aligned to the level of responsibility you have for a particular activity/event.