Higher Education

Access to higher education is crucial for people seeking to achieve better lives and contribute to their world as productive and informed citizens. In our higher education work, we seek to reduce barriers to higher education by expediting the transition from high school to and through gateway mathematics courses. While four-year colleges and universities are important partners in this work, at this time, we focus primarily on community colleges, which work with large numbers of underserved students.

Dana Center Mathematics Pathways

The Dana Center Mathematics Pathways Project is a systemic approach to reform that provides institutions with curricular materials, tools, and services to improve mathematics programs. We are currently working with the Texas Association of Community Colleges to develop new materials for the project, with implementation kicking off in Texas in fall 2013. Specifically, the NMP will improve student completion rates and success through implementing a student success course and three new mathematics pathways connected to modern programs of study.

The Joyful Conspiracy

Since its inception, the Dana Center has worked to engage campus leaders, mathematics faculty, professional associations, state policymakers, and national research and advocacy organizations in rethinking and reshaping developmental and freshman-level mathematics to better serve students entering college.

We know this ambitious goal requires coordinated action at all levels of the system, a strategy of wide-ranging engagement that Dana Center director Uri Treisman calls the “joyful conspiracy.”

The Dana Center’s New Mathways Project is designed to help community colleges fulfill what they see as their most important mission: providing a reliable path to upward mobility for all who seek to improve their lives through education.

We invite you to join our joyful conspiracy.