Frameworks for Mathematics and Collegiate Learning Course

Frameworks for Mathematics and Collegiate Learning is a semester-long course designed to help students develop the strategies and persistence necessary to succeed in college (particularly in mathematics courses) and in their careers and life. It is a credit-bearing college course designed to help meet the immediate and long-term academic needs of students placed into developmental education courses. Frameworks lessons are built around four themes:

  • Building community and connecting to campus resources
  • Developing and maintaining motivation for college success
  • Developing and using study strategies and skills
  • Finding direction in college

community college studentsThese curricular materials were developed by the New Mathways Project through a collaboration between the Charles A. Dana Center and the Texas Association of Community Colleges.

Development of Frameworks was also supported with funding from the Achieving the Dream Catalyst Fund, which makes it possible for us to share this version of the curriculum and supporting materials with you free of charge. You are welcome to download and use these materials, either to implement the course as is or to use the curriculum materials to enhance courses that already exist on your campus.

For background information on the structure and content of the course, including information about the research on which it is based and the development and pilot testing of the materials, start by reading the Introduction [pdf, 1MB]. The Learning Outcomes [pdf, 626KB], Course Overview [pdf], Version 2.0 Updates [pdf, 2.6MB], and Course Essentials [pdf, 725KB] resource provide more detailed information about the curricular materials.

This Annotated Bibliography [pdf, 1.4MB] provides information about the theory and evidence that inform the course content and pedagogy. The Frameworks FAQ provides additional information about teaching the course. You may also wish to view our webinar on this course.

The Dana Center will continue to develop training and materials to support the implementation of this course. New developments will be announced on this website and in our monthly email updates.

You have several options for accessing the course materials. You can download the entire course in one file: NMP Frameworks Course_Version 2.0_with updates. If you are interested only in the updates that were made to version 2.0, you can download the Version 2.0 Updates [pdf, 2.6MB] file.

You can also select the materials you want to download:

  1. NMP_Frameworks_v2.0_cover_finalNMP Frameworks Introduction [pdf, 1MB]
  2. NMP Frameworks Annotated Bibliography [pdf, 1.4MB]
  3. NMP Frameworks Learning Outcomes [pdf, 626KB]
  4. NMP Frameworks Course Overview [pdf, 537KB]
  5. NMP Frameworks Essentials [pdf, 725KB]
  6. NMP Frameworks Sample Syllabus [pdf, 1.6MB]
  7. NMP Frameworks Career Project [pdf, 1.7MB]
  8. NMP Frameworks Group Project [pdf, 1.7MB]
  9. NMP Frameworks v2.0 with Updates 1-30 [zip, 30.6MB]

Or, you can request a Frameworks DVD be shipped to you via our products page (shipping costs apply).