Uri Treisman Awarded 2016 AMATYC Mathematics Excellence Award

“I believe that this deep respect that Uri has for mathematics faculty is at the heart of why so many find him inspiring. He both honors and challenges faculty.”
—Jane Tanner, President, AMATYC

uri_headshot_2016_05_03The American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) Mathematics Excellence Award is intended for educators who have made outstanding contributions to mathematics or mathematics education at two-year colleges. Award criteria include leadership and activities in professional organizations, professional activities on a regional, state, and national scale, teaching expertise, and other contributions to mathematics and/or mathematics education. The Dana Center is proud to announce that Uri has been awarded this honor.


The American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges was founded in 1974 and today has approximately 1,800 individual members. AMATYC serves as a national forum for the improvement of mathematics instruction in the first two years of college. The organization provides critical support and guidance to the field through an annual conference, webinars, workshops, publications, and projects.

AMATYC’s work continues to have significant positive impact on lower-division mathematics education. For example, the AMATYC Position on The Appropriate Use of Intermediate Algebra as a Prerequisite Course is an important resource in the math pathways movement. November 15, 2016 marks the two-year anniversary of the approval of this statement, which has served as a critical reference for Dana Center Mathematics Pathways resources including A Call to Action to Expand Access to Statistics.


About the AMATYC 2016 Annual Conference

Denver "Math at Mile High" Logo.
Each year, AMATYC offers two-year college mathematics faculty high-quality professional development through its annual conference. This event supports the AMATYC mission to “offer multiple opportunities for the preparation and continuing professional development of competent and diverse mathematics faculty skilled in a variety of teaching modalities addressing different learning styles.” The 42nd Annual AMATYC Conference will be held November 17–20 in Denver, Colorado.

Dana Center staff members are sharing their work at the following session:

Maintaining Rigor Within Developmental Mathematics Reform Efforts

Presenters: Rebecca Hartzler, Frank Savina, Suzanne Dorée
Related topics: Curriculum Redesign, Developmental Mathematics, and Instructional Strategies
Date & time: Friday, November 18, 2:55PM-3:45PM
Session materials: To be posted after conference

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