Developing a Math Identity

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“Your brother was one of my best students,” is something I heard a lot in my high school math classes.  Beginning in elementary school, I wanted to be a math teacher and thought of myself… » Read more

Mathematics Pathways Stories

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Excerpts from interview with Professor Alycia Marshall, Anne Arundel Community College Editors’ note: This post is excerpted from the transcript of an interview with Dr. Alycia Marshall, Associate Vice President for Learning and Academic Affairs… » Read more

Are We All “Math People”?

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When I describe the work of the Dana Center to my friends and family, I often hear the refrain, “Oh, I’m not a math person.” Five years ago, I would have answered that way, too.… » Read more

Why I Teach

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Much have I learned from my teachers, more from my colleagues, but most from my students. — Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa 1st century CE   Every February, I struggle with the same question: Should I… » Read more

Belonging Matters

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A tight smile, worried eyes, and vice-like grip on the pencil gave away Luis’s fear. Even as he sat straight and still, with his backpack hung carefully over his chair, it was clear to those… » Read more

Rarely Easy, Always Rewarding

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If you ask the team at the Dana Center why they work here, you’re basically guaranteed to get one of these two responses: a) I believe that the work we do is making a difference… » Read more