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Ryan TimmonsPhone: 512.900.1578

Dana Center Role

Ryan focuses on systemic influence through the use of purposeful professional learning opportunities and resources that target student success in mathematics. He works with teachers and leaders via virtual networks and resources to build strong online communities. Ryan’s active role in current research influences his use of digital tools and media that support mathematics achievement.

Ryan serves the needs of schools distributed across the United States and schools serving United States military families stationed abroad. He designs, plans, and facilitates synchronous and asynchronous professional development experiences that support teachers and leaders in advancing college and career readiness goals in mathematics.

Before Joining the Dana Center

Ryan has more than 10 years of teaching mathematics for middle school, high school, and university courses. He has held several positions in education and the business world, which shape his approach to problems within mathematics education and teacher training. Ryan has an extensive background in mathematics education research and remains actively engaged in publishing and presenting his work.


M.Ed., Learning and Developmental Sciences, Indiana University

M.S., Multidisciplinary Sciences (STEM), Texas Tech University

B.S., Finance/Economics, Indiana University

Selected Presentations

Differentiating instruction with middle school students. Presented at the Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual conference, Indianapolis, IN (October 2015).

“Approximate” multiplicative relationships between quantitative unknowns. Presented at the American Educational Research Association annual conference, Chicago, IL (April 2015).

Math tools that help build number sense: Rekenreks and technology. Presented at the regional National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) conference, Indianapolis, IN (October 2014).

Using technology to overcome misconceptions in probability and statistics. Presented at the regional NCTM conference, Indianapolis, IN (October 2014).

Outcomes from video game activity integration into middle school probability and statistics lessons. Presented at the Texas Tech Summer Institute, Lubbock, TX (June 2012).

Evaluation of a pre-semester bridge course on student performance in General Chemistry. Presented at the American Chemical Society annual meeting, Austin, TX (November 2011).

Professional Memberships

American Education Research Association

Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Psychology of Mathematics Education—North America