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Rebecca HartzlerPhone: 512.710.9276


Dana Center Role

Rebecca manages the Center’s higher education advocacy and professional learning in support of strategic implementation and national scaling of the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (formerly the New Mathways Project), an initiative to modernize entry-level college mathematics programs through working with states, universities, and colleges. She leads projects advocating on a national scale for improvements in mathematics preparation in the first two years of college, including the pathway to Calculus, statistics pathways, and mathematics pathways for nursing and data science majors. Rebecca is the Center’s higher education liaison with national mathematics and academic associations such as the Mathematical Association of America, American Statistical Association, American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges, and Transforming Post-Secondary Education in Mathematics.

Before Joining the Dana Center

Rebecca most recently served as a faculty member and director of special projects in STEM at Seattle Central College. She taught physics, engineering, and mathematics in Washington state two-year colleges for 28 years and served as a dean for science and mathematics for two years. Rebecca also worked at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching on the Community College Pathways project. She has served as a project lead or principal investigator for 11 multistakeholder initiatives in higher education funded through the National Science Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Lumina Foundation, College Spark Washington, and the City of Seattle.


M.S., Physics, Kansas State University

B.S., Physics, Kansas State University

Selected Publications

Dorée, S., & Hartzler, R. (2017, April/May). Not yet ready for Calculus. MAA FOCUS. 37(2), 7.

Getz, A., Ortiz, H., Hartzler, R., & Leahy, F. (2016). The case for mathematics pathways. Austin, TX: The Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin.

Hillyard, C., Korey, J., Leoni, D., & Hartzler, R. (2010). Math across the community college curriculum (MAC3): A successful path to quantitative literacy. MathAMATYC Educator, 1(2), 1–8.

Leoni, D., & Hartzler, R. (2010). A recipe for faculty development. MathAMATYC Educator, 1(2), 32–40.

Leoni, D., & Hartzler, R. (2006). Mathematics across the curriculum. In R. Gilman (Ed.), Current practices in quantitative literacy (pp. 69–74). Washington, D.C.: Mathematics Association of America.

Selected Presentations

Discussing rigor when redesigning introductory mathematics courses. Presented at the 43rd American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) Annual Conference, San Diego, CA (November 2017).

Implementing mathematics pathways: Part I—state and system-wide implementation. Panel discussion at MAA MathFest, Chicago, IL (July 2017).

Formative assessment in the new STEM-Prep pathway. Presented at MAA MathFest, Columbus, OH (August 2016).

An active STEM-Prep curriculum. Presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, Seattle, WA (January 2016).

The New Mathways’ STEM-Prep pathway: Preparing students for calculus. Presented at the 41st AMATYC Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA (November 2015).