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Phone: 512.270.1866

Dana Center Role

Oren manages and supports state-, regional-, and system-level work for the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (DCMP), a transformative redesign to modernize entry-level college mathematics programs through working with states, systems, universities, and colleges. He also supports other related Center initiatives, including Launch Years: Redefining High School College Readiness in Mathematics, Wisconsin Talent Hub Mathematics Pathways Symposium, Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences’ State Mathematics Alignment, Missouri Regional Mathematics Pathways Project, and Texas Equity Convening.

Before Joining the Dana Center

While beginning his career as a mechanical engineer, Oren transitioned to education more than 15 years ago. He taught for several years, first as a National Science Foundation Engineering Teaching Fellow in Norfolk (VA) Public Schools and later as a middle school mathematics teacher and instructional specialist in Portsmouth (VA) Public Schools. Oren served three years an assistant dean of students in the Office of African American Affairs at University of Virginia, where he led retention and academic success initiatives for students in disciplines supported by quantitative skills. Over the course of his career, he has taught elementary, middle school, and high school mathematics as well as undergraduate mathematics content and methods courses for preservice and in-service teachers.


Ph.D., Education—Mathematics, University of Virginia

M.E., Engineering (Mechanical Engineering concentration), Old Dominion University

B.S., Mechanical Engineering (minor in Mathematics), Old Dominion University

Selected Publications

McClain, O. L. (2014). Negotiating identity: A look at the educational experiences of Black undergraduates in STEM disciplines. Peabody Journal of Education, 89(3), 380–392.

Berry III, R. Q., Henderson, H., & McClain, O. L. (2013). A critical review of American K–12 mathematics education, 1900–present: Implications for the experiences and achievement of Black children. In J. Leonard and D. B. Martin (Eds.), The brilliance of Black children in mathematics: Beyond the numbers and toward new discourse (pp. 23–53). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishers.

Berry III, R. Q., Thunder, K., & McClain, O. L. (2011). Counter narratives: Examining the mathematics and racial identities of Black boys who are successful with school mathematics. Journal of African American Males in Education, 2(1), 10–23.  

Selected Presentations

Using situated-mediated identity theory to explore Black students’ experiences. Presented at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics research conference, New Orleans, LA (April 2014).

A critical review of American K–12 mathematics education, 1954–present: Implications for the experiences and achievement of Black children. Presented at the American Educational Research Association annual meeting, San Francisco, CA (May 2013).

Mathematics learning and identity: A look at Black undergraduate students’ experiences. Presented at the Virginia Military Institute STEM Education Conference: Mathematics as the Gateway to STEM Success, Lexington, VA (October 2012).