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Amy GetzPhone: 512.766.1643

Dana Center Role

Amy was one of the architects of the Dana Center’s work to mobilize a national effort to modernize entry-level college mathematics programs through the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways. As of 2018, she has served as the program manager for the Launch Years Initiative, a similar effort to align higher education math pathways to K–12, create a smooth transition for students, address equity gaps, and better prepare students for success academically and in future careers. 

Amy continues her work in higher education as manager of the Systems Implementation team. This work ranges from addressing obstacles in state policy to changing institutional practices and improving mathematics curriculum and instruction. She leads a team that develops tools and services to support local leaders and works with external organizations to coordinate and mobilize efforts to support math pathways. Amy led the development of the Quantway™ curriculum in partnership with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Before Joining the Dana Center

Amy taught mathematics for 20 years in high school and college. As the founding director of the Freshman Mathematics Program at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, she taught developmental and freshman-level math and led curriculum redesign that resulted in significant improvements in student success in both developmental and college-level math courses. Amy also led initiatives to provide professional learning services to K–12 math educators.


M.A., Secondary School Counseling, Adams State College

B.A., English/Theatre, Fort Lewis College

Selected Publications

Getz, A., Richardson, C., Hartzler, R., & Leahy, F. F. (2019). Understanding the problem: The need to expand access to quantitative reasoning courses. In L. Tunstall, G. Karaali, & V. Piercey (Eds.), Shifting contexts, stable core: Advancing quantitative literacy in higher education (pp. 149–162). Washington, DC: Mathematical Association of America. 

Getz, A., Ortiz, H., Hartzler, R., & Leahy, F. F. (2016). The case for mathematics pathways. Austin, TX: The Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin. 

Getz, A., & Fraga Leahy, F. F. (2015). A call to action to expand access to statistics. Austin, TX: The Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin.

Getz, A. (2014, January). A systemic approach to reform. Community College Week. Retrieved from

Selected Presentations

Structures that support student success. Keynote address at the Minnesota Developmental Education Summit, Walker, MN (September 2019).

Promising models for change. Panel discussion at The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine workshop, “Increasing Student Success in Developmental Mathematics,” Washington, DC (March 2019).

Prepare, enable, empower. Presented at the Complete College America New England Summit, Portsmouth, NH (November 2017).

Modernizing mathematics programs. Featured workshop facilitator for the Advanced Kellogg Institute for the Training and Certification of Developmental Educators, Boone, NC (July 2017).

Math pathways: Reflecting back and looking forward. Keynote address at the Virginia Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges annual conference, Sterling, VA (April 2017).

Understanding the core principles. Presented at the National Association of Developmental Education national conference, Anaheim, CA (March 2016).