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Classroom Walkthrough for Continuous Improvement: Strengthening Teaching and Learning

(spiral bound book, 2nd edition, 2011)

classroom walkthrough for continuous improvement book coverClassroom Walkthrough for Continuous Improvement : Strengthening Teaching and Learning provides campus and district leaders with a coherent set of efficient, easy-to-use tools and processes through which you can:

Collect data on the implementation of the curriculum and instructional program at the campus and district levels

Analyze the aggregated and organized data

Reflect on the results of your analyses with teams of staff members

Act in informed and thoughtful ways to strengthen teaching and learning and increase student achievement

Our Classroom Walkthrough for Continuous Improvement tools can be used to provide campus and district level instructional leaders with at-a-glance information about the current state of the curriculum and instructional program and to support collaborative development of action steps for improvement.

Approximately 100 pages.

*Please note: This will be available to purchase through January 31, 2023. After that date it will no longer be available.

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