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Launch Years Explained

It can be a challenge to understand all the goals and the people involved with any educational initiative as complex and far-reaching as Launch Years. These short videos provide a quick, expert lens through which to better understand the issues, goals, and players in the Launch Years initiative. 

Launch Years: Transforming Math Education

In this video, Dana Center director, of K-12 education strategy, policy, and services Doug Sovde joins a number of Launch Years Consensus Panel members as they outline a few of the major issues facing mathematics students today and provide initial suggestions for addressing those problems. 

Rethinking the Role of Math: Pamela Burdman and the Launch Years Initiative

Pamela Burdman is a nationally recognized authority in college access, readiness, and success. She is the founder and executive director of the Just Equations project.

Burdman is also a member of the Launch Years Consensus Panel, a group of education leaders and advocates charged with guiding, developing, and advocating for the far-reaching recommendations published in the 2020 Launch Years initiative report Launch Years: A New Vision for the Transition from High School to Postsecondary Mathematics.

In this video, Burdman suggests a number of issues that must be addressed for mathematics education in the United States to become more equitable.

Building Equity in Math Education: Tia McNair and the Launch Years Initiative

Tia McNair is an expert in equity, inclusion, and student success. She leads multiple programs for the Association of American Colleges and Universities in Washington D.C. She is also a member of the Launch Years Consensus Panel.

In this video, McNair points out that, for equity in mathematics education to be achieved, policies and structures at all levels of the educational system must be re-imagined.

Modernizing Mathematics Curriculum: Michael Pearson and the Launch Years Initiative

Michael Pearson is a mathematician and mathematics educator. He is executive director of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). He is also a member of the Launch Years Consensus Panel.

In this video, Pearson discusses the need to move beyond post-Sputnik-era curriculum design and course sequences in postsecondary mathematics education and provide students with instruction and training more suited to the needs of our 21st Century economy.

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