Materials from the Joint Fall Retreat, November 1-3, 2010, Baltimore, Maryland

Retreat goals:

  • Establish relationships among network members and resource people and connect work of the CAOs and content area networks.
  • Deepen participants' knowledge about the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Mathematics and ELA/Literacy.
  • Deepen participants' thinking about PARCC and SMARTER assessment consortia opportunities.
  • Engage in district team action planning to ensure that strategic planning guides the professional development and implementation of the CCSS.

NOTE ABOUT MATERIALS: Some materials from the meetings are for meeting participants only. If you would like an electronic copy of the Study of the Standards material, please email Brian Newsom at

About UDLN, UDLN Districts, and Meeting Participants

Meeting agenda (pdf 169kb)

UDLN description (pdf 133kb)

The Aspen Education and Society program (pdf 79kb)

Charles A. Dana Center description (pdf 80kb)

Presenter bios (pdf 218kb)

Participating districts (pdf 82kb)

District profiles (pdf 1.2mb)

Presentation Materials and Handouts

The Aspen Institute, Assessment 2.0: "Next-Generation" Comprehensive Assessment Systems

Center for K-12 Assessment & Performance Management at ETS, Next Generation Assessment Systems Proposed Under the Race to the Top Program. Use the direct link to the center's pdf or visit the center's publications page.

A Quick Summary of the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium (pdf 694kb)

PARCC Timeline (pdf 278kb)

Achieve, On the Road to Implementation: Achieving the Promise of the Common Core State Standards

ACT, Reading Between the Lines: What the ACT Reveals About College Readiness in Reading. Use the direct link to ACT's Exective Summary or visit ACT's Reading Between the Lines page.

Susan Pimentel, Text Complexity: Key to Student Postsecondary Success (pdf 5.8mb)

Lexiles for Learning: The History of Lexiles in the Houston Independent School District (pdf 1.2mb)

Monishae O'Neill, The Lexile Framework and Atlanta Public Schools (pdf 321kb)

Study of the Standards (pdf 336kb)

Action Plan Template (pdf 165kb)

Consultancy Protocol (pdf 115kb)