The Dana Center's work in Rhode Island: A former school board member's perspective

Posted on April 23, 2010; updated May 5, 2010

Former Providence, Rhode Island school board member Julia Steiny has recently written two columns on the Dana Center's work with the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) for the Providence Journal.

RIDE hired the Dana Center to help teachers and districts improve student achievement in mathematics and science. To accomplish this goal, the Dana Center is working with four Rhode Island school districts to develop and implement a “guaranteed and viable” science and mathematics curriculum aligned with Rhode Island’s math and science standards.

In her April 18 column, Steiny gives an excellent overview of the balancing act involved in developing curriculum that ensures all students meet the same set of standards while still giving teachers the freedom to teach according to their own teaching styles and the individual needs of their students.

Steiny's May 4 column describes the Dana Center's CARA (collect, analyze, reflect, and act) process, which brings school leaders and teachers together to make improvements to specific elements of classroom instruction.