Texas Safety Standards: Kindergarten Through Grade 12 Science:

A guide to laws, rules, regulations, and safety procedures for classroom, laboratory, and field investigations

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In this new fourth edition of Texas Safety Standards, we rewrote and reorganized content to improve usability and added new color images to enhance clarity. The manual covers multiple aspects of school science safety, from hazard concerns, chemical safety, and safe working and learning environments, to the safety equipment and supplies, training and professional development, and laws, rules, and regulations relevant to K-12 science education in Texas.

Appendices include excerpts of selected laws governing safety in science classrooms, position statements relevant to science safety, science safety checklists, and an updated list of helpful state and federal agencies. This book is cited in the updated science TEKS, which require students to "demonstrate safe practices during laboratory and field investigations as outlined in the Texas Safety Standards." Includes bibliography. Fourth edition, 2010. 292 pages.

For professional development around this book, see the description for Science Laboratory Safety: A Training of Trainers on our professional development page.


Frontmatter, Table of Contents, and Introduction (pdf 350kb)
Excerpt from Chapter 3: Safety Equipment and Supplies (pdf 4.4mb)
Excerpt from Appendix C: Checklists (pdf 1.4mb)