Formative Assessment Tools and Tasks

National legislation and state accountability requirements set high standards for student achievement, and every school district is held accountable for attaining them. To ensure their students meet those standards as measured on high-stakes summative assessments, teachers need to be able to check for understanding during the course of daily instruction. We provide formative assessment tools designed for this purpose.

Assessments Series

These assessment tasks can be used by teachers to provide ongoing formative assessment integrated with mathematics instruction.  The assessments reflect what all students need to know and be able to do in the given grade or course described in state or national standards.

Agile Assessment

In order to make informed instructional decisions that will improve achievement for all students, educators need meaningful data on student learning. Agile Assessment provides educators with outstanding next-generation tasks—deeply aligned to the standards against which achievement will be measured—and real-time performance reports that can be used to guide student learning.