School-Year AYD

School-Year AYD serves students in 8th, 9th, or 10th grade during the academic year—during established in-school advisory or homeroom sessions, freshman orientation periods, or after-school programs.

The program supports 60 hours of instruction, with 40 hours of core curricula on AYD psychological concepts and 20 hours of problem-solving experiences in which the psychological ideas and strategies are applied. The materials are structured into approximately 80 lessons, designed for delivery in 30- to 45-minute instructional blocks.

AYD students in class

School-Year AYD offers students the opportunity to study social and cognitive learning curricula—and to build critical thinking skills—with problem-solving experiences that center on logical reasoning and problem solving in mathematics and other areas. Some of the problems support algebraic thinking, a historic area of great need.

The program’s rapid cycles of learning, practice, application, and reflection enable students to develop and apply new learning strategies in all their classes. Such a cycle is consistent with research that shows that students are most successful when they are prompted and rewarded for seeking opportunities to apply their new learning in a range of academic settings. The design of the program enables students to develop action steps for becoming more powerful, effective learners.

Districts implementing School-Year AYD should have structures in place to support regular meetings (from twice per week to daily) to give students ample opportunity to learn, apply, and reflect on the AYD ideas and strategies.

AYD programs are available by subscription. If you are interested in participating, please contact