Academic Youth Development

Students' perceptions of themselves as learners can limit their potential. Academic Youth Development is a research-based family of programs designed to help students reshape their academic identities, enhance their engagement in learning, and transform their achievement.

Targeting the specific needs of different audiences, the programs in the AYD family share common foundations in the latest research on student motivation, engagement, and learning.

Summer-Start AYD

Summer-Start AYD serves students entering Algebra I who are at or near grade level in mathematics.

School-Year AYD

School-Year AYD serves students in 8th, 9th, or 10th grade during the academic year.

An Educator’s Course in AYD

An Educator’s Course in a AYD is designed for cohorts of educators interested in learning about the emerging research on student learning and motivation and exploring strategies to put this research into practice in their schools and districts.

Resources for Current Partners

If you are a current partner, click here to access important tools for your AYD program implementation, including the current AYD implementation guide.

If you are a current partner and need access to this portion of the website, please call Agile Mind School Support at 866-284-4655, Option 1.

AYD is available by subscription. If you are interested in participating, please contact