AQR / AMDM Background

AMDM teachers explore the mathematics behind estimating crowd sizes

AMDM pilot teachers squeeze into a 5-foot-by-5-foot square as they explore the mathematics behind estimating crowd sizes.

Students benefit from studying mathematics every year, and in Texas and a growing number of other states, students will be required to complete four years of mathematics as part of increasing graduation requirements (in Texas, the “4-by-4” requirement).

AQR/AMDM is an engaging and rigorous course that prepares students for a range of future options in nonmathematics-intensive college majors or for entering workforce training programs; it may also be an appealing elective for students pursuing precalculus and calculus.

The Dana Center, in partnership with the Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics, developed the student expectations for AQR/AMDM.

Download an overview presentation about AQR/AMDM (pdf 6.7mb).

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