Using Formative Assessment to Enhance Science Instruction

A two-day session
Fee: $549
Group discount: 10% off for groups of 3 or more from a district.

Audience: Science teachers, instructional specialists, and coaches

Grade-level focus: Elementary through high school


6–12  June 12–13

Educators use formative assessment to monitor student understanding and improve instruction. Student performance on formative assessment tasks provides valuable real-time data that can guide you as you make instructional interventions and adjustments. A variety of formative assessments can be used to provide insight into student understanding.

In this session, you will use key findings from research to examine the role of formative assessment in effective teaching. You will experience the formative assessment cycle and engage with formative assessment strategies. Using sample units, you will build learning progressions, determine appropriate breakpoints for formative assessment, analyze student work, and use evidence to determine appropriate instructional interventions.