The Middle School Science TEKS: From Standards to Assessment

Grade-level focus: Grades 6–8
Session audience: Middle school teachers, and instructional specialists and coaches
Session duration: One-day session

In this session, middle school educators will learn how to use a set of structured tools to strengthen alignment through collaborative conversations focused on the middle school science TEKS. Using these tools, teachers will explore how to use the standards effectively to guide decisions around teaching, learning, and assessment.

Educators will collaborate with fellow participants to deepen their understanding of the structure of the standards by identifying the purpose of the four components that make up a standard and how each of the components relates to one another. Session participants will apply their understanding of the structure of the standards to decisions made about instruction and assessment. They will write student success criteria that are aligned to the middle school standards, using a process designed to intentionally integrate science practices and science concepts.

Each participant will receive a printed copy of the science TEKS.