Physical Science: From Planning to Assessment

Grade-level focus: Grades 6–8
Audience: Middle school teachers, and instructional specialists and coaches
Session duration: Two-day session.

This session offers professional learning experiences that are rooted in teaching middle school physical science concepts. Participants will explore recent research about teaching and learning physical science, and will analyze the physical science TEKS to determine how they should be used to guide planning, instruction, and assessment. Common physical science topics will be discussed, including:

  • Chemical Reactions
  • Force and Motion
  • The Periodic Table
  • Properties of Elements

Science educators will also engage in student-friendly, hands-on lessons that cover key middle school physical science standards. In addition, they will explore how scientific practices can enhance and deepen student learning.

The session will provide opportunities for active learning of new teaching strategies, the use of resources that are designed to support student learning of key physical science content, and collaboration with peers. During this two-day session, participants will consider the impact that integrating physical science content, scientific practices, and recurring themes can have on student learning.

Each participant will receive a copy of the Formative Assessment for Middle School Physical Science book on DVD.