Mathematics and Science Professional Development

Research indicates that teacher practice is refined through structured collaborative effort among teachers within the school system. Thus, most of our sessions build on the same suite of protocols and tools we use in providing intensive support to local schools or districts and include a similar emphasis on deepening understanding of local or national education standards.

In addition, we offer sessions to deepen teacher knowledge of pedagogy and content. Research[*]  suggests that teachers benefit from respectful support systems that enable them to continue their learning individually and collectively to improve student performance. Thus, our professional development protocols assume that good teaching can be learned, and that such learning depends on district structures that support such ongoing professional learning.

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Mathematics Sessions

Science Sessions


[*] See, for example, M. S. Garet, A. C. Porter, L. Desimone, B. F. Birman, & K. S. Yoon. (2001). What makes professional development effective? Results from a national sample of teachers. American Educational Research Journal, 38(4), 915–945, and R. Yerrick, H. Parke, & J. Nugent. (1997). Struggling to promote deeply rooted change: The “filtering effect” of teachers’ beliefs on understanding transformational views of teaching science. Science Education, 81(2), 137–159.