Classroom Walkthrough for Continuous Improvement: Update Session for Previous Participants

A one-day session


  • Individuals who participated in a Classroom Walkthrough for Continuous Improvement session before June 2010

Grade-level focus:

  • K-12

Based on extensive feedback from the field, we have revised our classroom walkthrough process and tools to improve data collection and analysis.

In this one-day session, you will learn about our revisions, which include a new curriculum look-for in the data collection tool, revised and clarified definitions, significantly expanded explanations, and improved ways to analyze and act on data.

These refinements will enable districts to make better use of the data collected in the CARA (collect, analyze, reflect, act) cycle, including how to use the knowledge gained from the initial reflective conversation to facilitate subsequent conversations.

Session activities focus on learning and applying the integrated tools and resources from the new, second edition of the manual Classroom Walkthrough for Continuous Improvement: Strengthening Teaching and Learning.