A Study of the College and Career Readiness State Standards for Mathematics

A two-week online course

Audience: Campus and district mathematics leaders and teachers

Grade-level focus: K–12

This online course is designed for your district’s K–12 mathematics teachers and leaders. Through this course, you will work toward a deep understanding of the purpose, intent, depth, and clarity of the standards. The course is also designed to foster a commitment to—and a sense of urgency about—engaging in an ongoing study of the standards throughout your school and district so that instruction can be aligned with the standards.

Participants will practice using Dana Center tools to explore the horizontal and vertical alignment of the standards. These tools can be leveraged among groups of teachers to build a common understanding of the standards and to strengthen systemwide capacity for understanding the standards and aligning the instructional program to them.

Participants should be able to complete the course in about three hours a week. Here’s how it works:

  • The course is organized into modules.
  • Each module should be completed within the specified assignment window for that module.
  • In each module, participants will watch videos, participate in activities, engage in discussions, and collaborate with each other.
  • Participants do not all have to be logged in at the same time—you complete your part of the work on your own time, within the assignment window.

NOTE: You must engage in all tasks—including discussions and activities—within the time allotted for each module in order to complete the course.