A Framework for K–12 Science Education

A two-day session

Audience: Science teachers, instructional specialists and coaches
Grade-level focus: K–12

There are several key implications from current research about science teaching and learning. In this session, you will gain a working knowledge of the most current research on what every student should know about science, reflecting on ways that research guides science educators in efforts to ensure equity and access for all students.

Through a series of engaging activities and conversations, you will learn key instructional practices to support students’ understanding of scientific knowledge and to apply recurring themes as a bridge among science disciplines. You will explore ways to build an organizational framework to support students’ enduring understanding of science and also consider how research-based progressions of core ideas can support instructional decisions.

Sessions run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and include continental breakfast and lunch. Participants are responsible for their hotel accommodations and other travel expenses to the sessions.