Mathematics Standards in the Classroom

Classroom Activities Aligned to the Texas Standards for Grades K–2

This resource provides a clarifying activity for each of the 114 student expectations in the mathematics TEKS for grades K–2, plus additional activities for some expectations. Each clarifying activity has assessment connections, which link classroom activities to the mathematics TEKS. This resource also provides 13 clarifying lessons (four each for grades K and 1; 5 for grade 2) that bring together several TEKS expectations. 257 pages.

You can purchase this resource through our web catalog as either a book or a CD. You can also download samples from the book below.


Cover, Contents, Introduction (pdf 441kb)

Part 1: Clarifying Activities—Samples from the Book

Chapter 1: Kindergarten

K.9B (pdf 159kb)

Chapter 2: Grade 1

1.5A (pdf 233kb)

Chapter 3: Grade 2

2.11A (pdf 146kb)