Algebra II

Clarifying Activities

Classroom activities for each TEKS statement from the mathematics TEKS.

Clarifying Lessons

Models of lessons that teachers can implement in their classroom. Clarifying Lessons combine multiple TEKS statements and may use several Clarifying Activities in one lesson. This set of Clarifying Lessons does not cover all of the grade-level or course TEKS. Clarifying Lessons answer the following questions:

  • How do I teach my student the knowledge and skills necessary to meet this set of related TEKS statements?
  • What does a lesson look like that addresses this set of related TEKS statements?
  • How can I assess student learning on this set of related TEKS statements?
  • How can this part of the TEKS be connected to other parts of the TEKS?

Algebra II Assessments

A resource for teachers to use to provide ongoing assessment integrated with mathematics instruction. These assessments are tasks that reflect what all students need to know and be able to do in the given grade or course. These tasks, which focus on students' understanding as well as their procedural knowledge, may be used for formative, summative, or ongoing assessment. The tasks require more than right or wrong answers; they focus on how students are thinking about a situation.

Sample Scope and Sequences

Choose from two Algebra II scope and sequence documents. Download the fully revised Algebra II scope and sequence (pdf 68kb) or the Algebra II scope and sequence aligned to SATEC resources based on 2003 materials.