Grade 7

Mathematics Standards in the Classroom: Classroom Activities Aligned to the Texas Standards for Grades 6–8

A resource to help clarify mathematics content and processes that students should know and be able to do in each grade level or course, and to provide links between the state curriculum standards (TEKS), classroom instruction, and assessment. This resource can be used to incorporate ongoing classroom assessment as part of instruction, so teachers can be confident that their students understand and can do what is required in the TEKS and what will be assessed on the TAKS.

Clarifying Activities with Assessment Connections

For each student expectation in the mathematics TEKS, Clarifying Activities with Assessment Connections provide a classroom activity with sample questioning and observation suggestions that educators can use to understand a student's mathematical thinking.

Clarifying Activities with Assessment Connections are each connected to released TAKS items and answer the following questions:

  • What is an example of something students would be doing to meet this TEKS statement?
  • What do I, as a teacher, ask, listen for, and look for to check for student understanding?
  • How does this task link to the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS)?

Clarifying Lessons

Models of lessons that teachers can implement in their classroom. Clarifying Lessons combine multiple TEKS statements and may use several Clarifying Activities in one lesson. This set of Clarifying Lessons does not cover all of the grade-level or course TEKS. Clarifying Lessons answer the following questions:

  • How do I teach my student the knowledge and skills necessary to meet this set of related TEKS statements?
  • What does a lesson look like that addresses this set of related TEKS statements?
  • How can I assess student learning on this set of related TEKS statements?
  • How can this part of the TEKS be connected to other parts of the TEKS?

Grade 7 Scope and Sequence

A TEKS-based resource for teachers and curriculum designers to use for planning and instruction to sequence and pace mathematics content delivery for the school year. The scope and sequence is aligned to the TEKS, TAKS, Dana Center resources, and key Topics in Mathematics.