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Why I Teach

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Much have I learned from my teachers, more from my colleagues, but most from my students. — Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa 1st century CE   Every February, I struggle with the same question: Should I… » Read more

Thank You!

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2017 was a year of growth, change, and success for the Charles A. Dana Center. We initiated new areas of innovation while extending the reach of our established work. We expanded our staff to a… » Read more

Collaborative, Online Courses for Professional Learning

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Engage with experts and educators with the Dana Center’s collaborative online courses for professional learning. Our learning and content experts have engineered these sessions so that-even though you’re signing in from your computer-you feel as… » Read more

Teacher Advisor With Watson adds Inside Mathematics Resources

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Inside Mathematics continues to gain recognition as one of the leading producers of quality free mathematics instructional resources for teachers. Teacher Advisor With Watson, a new service from the IBM Foundation, invited Inside Mathematics to… » Read more

Mathematics Launch Years Toolkit

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The Mathematics Launch Years Toolkit consists of briefs intended to support districts and higher education systems in streamlining students’ transition from high school to college. The “mathematics launch years” courses in high school refer to… » Read more

Rarely Easy, Always Rewarding

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If you ask the team at the Dana Center why they work here, you’re basically guaranteed to get one of these two responses: a) I believe that the work we do is making a difference… » Read more

Calling All STEM Professionals

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Bring Math Courses to Life The Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin is seeking STEM professionals to participate in a new video series for students on a pathway to calculus.… » Read more