Statistical Reasoning Course

Statistical Reasoning is a four-credit course with the option of cutting topics to create a three-credit course. It is for students who have completed Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning and the co-requisite Frameworks for Mathematics and Collegiate Learning. The course is designed for students in business, nursing, allied health, and the social and behavioral sciences, and for any student whose college and career path requires knowledge of the fundamentals of the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data.

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Statistical Reasoning is organized around broad statistical concepts, with an emphasis on statistical literacy and thinking. Similar to the Foundations course, active learning design principles are evident in each lesson. Students will be expected to actively do statistics: analyzing data, constructing and testing hypotheses, solving problems, reflecting on their work, and making connections.

The course’s nontraditional treatment of content will help students develop a conceptual understanding by supporting them in making connections between concepts and applying previously learned material to new contexts (as described in the NMP Curriculum Design Standards [pdf, 463kb]). The course will prepare students for success in future courses, gain skills for the workplace, and participate as well-informed, productive citizens in our society.

NMP Statistical Reasoning Learning Outcomes [pdf, 649kb]

Sample Materials:

Sample instructor lessons from week one [pdf, 6.6mb]

Sample student preview assignment and lessons from week nine [pdf, 4mb]

Statistical Reasoning: Course History