Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning Course

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Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning is a semester-long quantitative literacy-based course designed to provide students with the skills and conceptual understanding to succeed in a college-level statistics or quantitative literacy course. It will also provide the foundation for students going into the NMP STEM Prep algebraic reasoning courses.

Foundations is organized around big mathematical and statistical ideas. The course will help students develop conceptual understanding and acquire multiple strategies for solving problems (as described in the NMP Curriculum Design Standards). The course will prepare students for success in future courses and will help them develop skills for the workplace and as productive citizens.

Preliminary Completion Data Report of the NMP Foundations Course (fall 2013) [pdf, 344KB]

NMP Foundations Overview and Learning Outcomes [pdf, 729KB]

About the NMP: Mathematics Focus [webinar recording]

Sample Materials:

This course is not for college-level credit. Students in this course are required to take a co-requisite student success course, Frameworks for Mathematical and Collegiate Learning.

Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning: Course History