Collaborative, Online Courses for Professional Learning

Collaborative Online Learning Sessions
Engage with experts and educators with the Dana Center’s collaborative online courses for professional learning. Our learning and content experts have engineered these sessions so that—even though you’re signing in from your computer—you feel as though you’re sitting at a table with fellow educators.

Our virtual face-to-face approach leverages simple videoconferencing technology to immerse you in lively, real-time interactions with colleagues and facilitators.

As always, our offerings are grounded in research and aligned with education standards to help you strengthen your instructional practices and drive student achievement.

Collaborative learning can be transformative. Let’s move forward together.

Online Professional Learning Courses

We’re pleased to offer you 2 ways to provide rigorous, engaging professional development for your teachers.

Enroll Teachers in a Course Series

Offering teachers the opportunity to engage in the latest research and insights on classroom learning is vital to their continued growth and success. Each course series enables teachers to take a deep dive in a specific content area. Through multiple 1-2 hour sessions over a semester or year, teachers will collaborate with colleagues and build their content knowledge. Our delivery model is designed to support teachers in immediately practicing their new learning in their classrooms-and then bringing their learning back to the next session for reflection and continuous improvement.

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Offer All Teachers Development Opportunities with a District Course Package

Ensure that all teachers in your district can access our quality, research-based professional development with a district course package. With this package, the Dana Center will provide 4 online facilitated courses of your choosing to teachers in your district. Teachers can attend all 4, or you can match specific content areas with specific teachers.

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All Systems Go!: Using a Systems Approach in Elementary Science
Led by Tracey Ramirez and Barbara Taylor
For elementary science teachers and leaders
The crosscutting concepts in the Next Generation Science Standards help students connect concepts from what historically have been seen as distinct science disciplines into a coherent, scientifically grounded understanding of the world.
Come explore how integrating systems thinking into science teaching and learning leads to deeper student comprehension and more fluent and thoughtful application of science content.
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Rich Mathematical Tasks: What Are They and Why Should I Care?
Led by Ryan Timmons and Michael Greenlee
For math teachers and leaders
Learn to identify the qualities of rigorous tasks that promote deeper student understanding of math content and math practices. You’ll leave this session with strategies and resources—including a tool to help you evaluate tasks—for implementing rich tasks in your classroom.
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Topics Available for a Course Series or District Course Package

Planning for Productive Student Discourse in Mathematics: Study the practices from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics book 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions to learn more about planning for, implementing, and reflecting on student discourse in math.

Mindsets Matter: Explore the latest research in mindset and other psychological factors, as well as practical applications for the classroom.

Rich Mathematical Tasks to Engage Secondary Students: Learn the qualities of rich tasks and a process for easily adapting your materials to add richness for better student learning.

Modeling in Middle School Mathematics: Understand and apply the student modeling cycle through hands-on learning tasks that can be easily implemented in the classroom.

Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices: Investigate and apply the 8 Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices described in NTCM’s Principles to Actions by implementing tools and building shared understanding of effective practices.

Planning for Productive Student Discourse in Secondary Science: Study the National Science Teachers Association book 5 Practices for Orchestrating Task-Based Discussions in Science to learn more about planning for, implementing, and reflecting on student discourse in science.

Crosscutting Concepts in Secondary Science: Examine how the crosscutting concepts described in the Next Generation Science Standards influence planning and instruction in secondary science.

Systems Thinking in Science (Elementary or Secondary): Explore how integrating systems thinking into science teaching and learning leads to deeper student comprehension and more fluent and thoughtful application of science content.


Contract with Us for Custom Interactive Online Sessions & Series

We offer a range of rigorous, research-based tools and services to help schools and districts strengthen education programs and better serve all students. Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of schools, districts, and networks across the nation. We’d love to collaborate with you as you move forward to realize your vision.

Leverage your Learning Management System for Maximum Impact

We have designed LMS implementation strategies for kick-starting district initiatives and empowering teachers for change. We offer consulting services as well as shared resources, structured professional discussions, and virtual interactive learning sessions. Let’s turn your underused program into a powerful tool for transformation.

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