AQR / AMDM Institute 2018

Downtown Austin

Description: A five-day institute with four follow-up webinars and access to the online community.
Fee: $1,800 – Sign up early and save!
Register by June 22nd for a reduced fee of $1,700.

Grade-level focus: High School
Session audience: Mathematics teachers, instructional specialists and coaches, and district leaders
Session date: 5-day session July 30–August 3, 2018. Registration now open.

Advanced Quantitative Reasoning (AQR), also known as Advanced Mathematical Decision Making (AMDM), covers a range of mathematics topics presented in applied contexts, including statistics and finance, that develop students’ college and career readiness skills. The AQR/AMDM materials, updated in the spring of 2017, have been enhanced to provide 100% support for the TEKS adopted in 2012 including an entirely new unit that addresses geometric concepts, matrices, and truth tables.

During this institute, you will experience selected student activities and course projects from the perspectives of both a learner and a teacher. You will network with participants from other high schools and collaborate on how to facilitate and assess student learning using the course’s instructional model. As an institute participant, you will also have access to a facilitated online community, which provides instructional resources and supports as well as opportunities to exchange ideas with other participants.

You will receive printed and electronic copies of AQR/AMDM student and teacher materials. To access the electronic materials and the online community during the institute, you must bring your own laptop.

AQR/AMDM course materials and professional learning services were developed in cooperation with the Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics with generous development funding provided by the Greater Texas Foundation. For more information about the course, see the AQR/AMDM section of our website.

Additional materials are available for purchase:

Advanced Mathematical Decision Making / Advanced Quantitative Reasoning: STUDENT Materials (2-volume set, 2017 edition)

Advanced Mathematical Decision Making / Advanced Quantitative Reasoning: TEACHER Materials (7-volume set, 2017 edition)

Advanced Mathematical Decision Making / Advanced Quantitative Reasoning: Online Community Membership (one-year membership)


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  1. Linda Hill says:

    Are any meals, lodging or transportation included in the fee?

    • Carrie Becker says:

      We will provide a continental breakfast and lunch for each of the 5 days. Thank you for contacting us!

  2. ada Franklin says:

    Are there any discounts available if a district brings more than 3 people to the conference, also, is it possible for someone from the dana center to come to Atlanta and do a conference for various districts, if individual districts won’t send us to you?

    • Carrie Becker says:

      Thanks for your inquiry. We do not offer discounts for multiple attendees. We DO offer this session as a “contracted service” where we come to you to provide training. We can serve up to 30 folks in a group. All you have to do is provide a good learning space with a projector/screen and get the people there – we bring all of the materials needed and lead the session.

      Let me know if you think you would like more information on the contracted service.
      Thanks so much!

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