43rd Annual AMATYC Conference

San Diego Sky LineExperienced educators, curriculum developers, and evaluation experts from the Charles A. Dana Center will visit San Diego this year for the 2017 Annual Conference of the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC). From discussions of rigor in mathematics instruction to talks covering the most effective ways to evaluate mathematics pathways programs, Dana Center staff and collaborators will deliver applicable, cutting-edge information that you can use in your daily work as an educator, administrator, or mathematics pathways stakeholder.

Plus, there’s an opportunity to let loose and socialize with our presenters, associates, and friends. Check out the session and event schedule below and join us!


Dana Center Sessions and Events at AMATYC 2017


Exploring Dana Center Mathematics Pathways Courses

Frank Savina

Frank Savina

Date / Time #1: Thursday, November 9, 5:30-6:00PM
Date / Time #2: Friday, November 10, 9:45-10:15AM
Location: Pearson Education Booth

The Dana Center has developed three mathematics courses to support institutions seeking to implement Statistics, Quantitative Reasoning, or STEM pathways. These courses are designed for college-level students at 2- and 4-year institutions, and consist of active and collaborative learning activities that are supported by a robust homework platform with preparatory and practice assignments. Learn more about the Dana Center’s course design, and the curricular tools and resources that develop student non-cognitive and problem-solving skills.

Presenter:Francisco Savina, Charles A. Dana Center, The University of Texas at Austin


Putting Applications First in Math Lessons

Date: Thursday, November 9
Time: 10:20AM-11:10AM
Location: Nautilus 2

Instructor demonstrations, homework assignments, and testing usually start with some symbolic algebra exercises and end with one or two applications. Result: Students hate word problems.
In this approach, instruction starts with in-depth, inquiry-based applications to discover deeper meaning in math. Result: Every exercise is a “word problem” that students want to solve. An added bonus: They never ask, “When am I ever going to use this?”

Kevin Hulke, Chippewa Valley Technical College


Showing the Data: Multiple Studies of Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (DCMP)

Jennifer Dorsey

Jennifer Dorsey

Date: Friday, November 10
Time: 12:35PM-1:25PM
Location: Nautilus 4

Mathematics pathways are a rapidly growing national trend in postsecondary math education, and the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways project (DCMP) is at the vanguard of the movement. Presenting four studies of the DCMP initiative, the panelists will share early findings, demonstrate the variety of evaluation methodologies used to document a large-scale education initiative, and show how quantitative and qualitative data help built a complete picture when used together. Attendees will leave this session better able to explain to other faculty members and administrators the latest research findings for the success of math pathways and will better understand how to assess initiatives at their own institutions.

Panelists: Jennifer Dorsey, The Charles A. Dana Center, The University of Texas at Austin; Elizabeth Zachary Rutschow, MDRC; Linda Zientek, Sam Houston State University; Karin Samii-Shore, Shore Research

Discussing Rigor in Mathematics as a Key Element of Course Reform

Rebecca Hartzler

Rebecca Hartzler

Date: Saturday, November 11
Time: 2:15PM-3:05PM
Location: Nautilus 1

A “loss of rigor” is often stated as the reason for not adopting new curricular structures and content that improve student success in entry-level mathematics courses. But the data are showing that these advances in curriculum and instruction can help many more students succeed without compromising rigor. This presentation will define rigor in higher education mathematics courses and provide examples of what rigorous instruction looks like. Participants will receive a faculty discussion guide that will provide clear direction for having conversations about rigor in math departments.

Panelists: Rebecca Hartzler, The Charles A. Dana Center, The University of Texas at Austin; Terese Rainwater, Rainwater Consulting, LLC; Frank Savina, The Charles A. Dana Center, The University of Texas at Austin; Suzanne Dorée, Augsburg College

The Dana Center No-Host Happy Hour

Date: Thursday, November 9
Time: 6:30PM-7:30PM
Location: Quinn’s Ale House (Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina)

Join us as we kick back and relax with our friends and colleagues at the Ale House. Network, learn from mathematics pathways leaders and practitioners, and spend time together before all the AMATYC activities and fun ramp into full swing.


AMATYC provides professional development opportunities for educators interested in the first two years of collegiate mathematics instruction. It is the only organization exclusively devoted to providing a national forum for the improvement of mathematics instruction in the first two years of college. Learn more on the AMATYC website.

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