Sara Spiegel, Manager, Digital Platform Services

Sara Spiegel, Manager, Digital Platform Services

Phone: 512.522.5860

Dana Center Role

As the manager of the Digital Platform Services team, Sara provides leadership, guidance, and continuity across all digital services provided by the Center and promotes effective collaboration with groups and teams across the Center. She leads the work of the Inside Mathematics and Inside Science websites and the connections with work in the Center’s K–12 services and higher education services.

Before Joining the Dana Center

Sara has extensive experience in project management, including projects with complex work plans, accelerated timelines, and multiple partners. At the Noyce Foundation, she served as the director of administration, operations manager, and program associate. In these roles, Sara oversaw the development of all assets for Inside Mathematics (including videos and print materials), oversaw the Foundation’s grants administration process from approval through payment and reporting, monitored Foundation budgets (including those for operating programs, projects, and grantmaking portfolios), and maintained the Foundation’s website.


B.A., Linguistics (with concentration on Education & Society), Stanford University, Stanford, California