Jeff M. Shaver, Ph.D., Course Program Specialist, Mathematics, Higher Education

Jeff Shaver

Phone: 512.475.9742


Jeff works on the development of course programs for the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways (formerly the New Mathways Project), an initiative to modernize entry-level college mathematics programs through working with states and colleges. He supports the implementation of the DCMP at the state, institutional, and faculty levels. Jeff presents findings at national and regional conferences of professional mathematics organizations to inform the mathematics community about best practices in teaching developmental and college-level mathematics students. He engages faculty in the developmental process and edits materials into a coherent and comprehensive curriculum, including instructor notes and support materials.


Jeff has 15 years of teaching experience at the high school, community college, and university levels, in addition to industry experience in developing math and science curricula that prepare students for both educational and career pathways. Most recently, he worked as a science education specialist at the University of Washington in Genome Sciences Education Outreach and with a Seattle-based start-up education technology company.


Ph.D., Biology, University of Washington

B.S., Biology, Purdue University

B.S., Biology Education, Purdue University

Selected Publications

Shaver, J. M. (coauthor). (2014). Type 2 diabetes curriculum: A complex disease of gene and environmental interactions. Seattle, WA: Genome Sciences Education Outreach, University of Washington.

Shaver, J. M. , Oldenburg, D. J., & Bendich, A. J. (2006, June). Changes in chloroplast DNA during development in tobacco, Medicago truncatula, pea, and maize. Planta, 224(1), 72–82.

Shaver, J. M., Oldenburg, D. J., & Bendich, A. J. (2008, March). The structure of chloroplast DNA molecules and the effects of light on the amount of DNA per plastid during chloroplast development in Medicago truncatula. Plant Physiology, 146(3), 1064–1074.

Selected Presentations

New mathways: To infinity and beyond with the right mathematics pathway. Presented at the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) conference, Chicago, IL (April 2016).

What does it mean to join the NMP? Presented at the Texas Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges conference, Houston, TX (February 2016).

Math pathways in Washington state. Presented at the Washington State College Math conference, Lake Chelan, WA (May 2015).

Genes, the Environment, and Me. Presented at National Institutes of Health SciEd Annual Conference for Science Education Projects, Bethesda, MD (May 2012)

A cytopeian adventure: High school flow cytometry project. Presented at the National Science Teachers Association area conference, Seattle, WA (December 2011).

Professional Memberships

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

National Association of Biology Teachers

National Education Association

National Science Teachers Association

Science Teachers Association of Texas

Texas Community College Teachers Association

Texas Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges

Texas Science Education Leadership Association

The School Superintendents Association