Calista Harder, Literacy First Program Assistant

Calista Harder

Phone: 512.471.6947

Dana Center Role

Calista is a program assistant for Literacy First, which is dedicated to providing low-income schools with highly trained tutors to ensure that children advance to grade level in reading before third grade. She supports the Literacy First Program Director, the K–2 Director, and the Development Director. Calista also trains new members, coordinates logistics for site visits, and assists the development team in various capacities.

Before Joining the Dana Center

Calista served as an ACE AmeriCorps member for two years—first as a full-time English literacy tutor, and then as an Literacy First team leader. In her second role, she was the liaison between the program and the Title I school where she also served as a full-time tutor.


B.A. Psychology, Kenyon College (Ohio)